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Here you will have access to professional production equipment and have a chance to develop your musicianship skills, create your own track, and learn how the creative process works in a music studio. With hands on production time you will learn to write, arrange, and produce your own music with professional music tech and one to one tutoring to help you shape your musical ideas into a finished product. You will have access to a range of creative tools and software including Ableton Live Suite, Cubase Pro, Spitfire Audio, and Native Instruments sound libraries, modular synths, effects processing, and hardware sampling... so loads to explore...

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Song writing
Music Production

Learn about songwriting, composition, multi-track recording, stereo field placement, EQ, signal processing, editing, and mastering to make sure your arrangements stand out.

Learn to program and edit industry standard software programs such as Ableton Live, Cubase Pro, Spitfire Audio and Native Instruments sound libraries. Get hands on experience with a multi-track studio and experiment with production techniques to get the best possible sound out of your instrument. 


Take your recordings a step further and learn to program realistic sounding drum tracks and other instrumentation with professional sample libraries. I will guide you through each step to help you create something good.



Explore vintage and modular synths, and learn key concepts of synthesis and sound design using control voltages, MIDI, and signal processing. Also discover multitrack looping, sampling and drum programming.

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